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No Job Taken Lightly

Refinishing is the most affordable, safest, and important investment into your bathroom as a whole. You cannot ignore the positives that come along with refinishing. When the job is done right, you can take advantage of those positives for the years ahead. We are here to get the job done right, especially the first time, so that you are set with a fixture like new. More homeowners are choosing refinishing to get more use out of their bathroom than just a full remodel.

Book with Boston Bathtub LLC to get the refinish your bathroom deserves. We offer special discounts for commercial services when booking multiple jobs as well. Give us a call to discuss your projects with us today.

blue tile and dirty tub before refinishing


Remodeling involves an extensive process: removing fixtures, installing new components, flooring, drywall, painting, electrical and plumbing work, resulting in significant upfront costs. With refinishing, you can use your updated space the next day, and most jobs cost under a thousand dollars. The average cost of getting a new bathtub and installation is around $5,000. With us, you save all that to put into a different project!


The Topcoat solution we use in our refinishing is safe and guaranteed to last for years with proper maintenance. We offer special solutions to accommodate with faster dry time as well. You can even be home while the service is being done. Proper maintenance includes cleaning your fixtures on a regular basis, with non-harsh or abrasive cleaners. We recommend products like or similar to Fabuloso.


When we talk value, we cover all aspects of what value means to us, you, and your home. Not only does refinishing save you money, but it puts value back into your home. Improvements or even potentially selling your home, the value a refinish adds puts more money back into your pocket. With the job done right, that investment will last for years to come.


Refinishing with us is a breeze – just three simple steps: get a quote, schedule the job, and we’ll quickly transform your project with professional craftsmanship and efficiency, all while providing affordable, safe, and valuable solutions for your space. Much faster, cheaper, and easier than remodeling your space.

We Stop At Nothing

Boston Bathtub LLC will happily change the entire look of you bathroom, at the fraction of a remodeling cost.

Thinking of Refinishing?

We make it quick and easy for you. You send us pictures of what you want done, and we will respond as soon as we can with a quote free of charge. From there, we can schedule you to get your project done and in no time you have a new bathroom without remodeling!

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